The strengths of a Bath lift

Through the power of mobile bath lifts the handling of patients have become increasingly easier and more comfortable for caretakers and patients alike. Hygiene is always important and even more so in an environment such as a hospital where the risks of diseases needs to be stemmed. It however can require a lot of strain on the caretakers' part since not all patients can move or even stand on their own, requiring ways of transporting and lifting them. 

The purpose of a bath lift is to make it easy to transfer and, as the name implies, lift patients onto baths. Or to summarise it, they're made to make the hygiene part of caretaking a less straining task for caretakers such as nurses. Without such equipment the risk of forced leave and absence increases drastically as caretakers are forced to perform heavy lifting on their own which is not recommended and should be discouraged.

The source

So where do hospitals get a bath lift from? A source of them would be TR Equipment whom produces high-quality patient hygiene products specifically for hospitals as well as elderly care facilities. 

Through low cost of ownership, functions that are easy to understand and simplicity they deliver good products, ranging from the previously mentioned bath lifts, which you can read more here, to shower chairs and trolleys. They're a reliable choice for hospitals who are after good products meant to help maintain a good patient hygiene as well as help do the hard work of caretakers a tad bit easier.​​